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The Eureka Project provides the 5 pillars of success that emerging tech companies need to explode onto the market and accelerate their sales.

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Lead Generation

Some of our clients are positively golden at creating the kinds of unique tech products that people want. But – they are not so golden at the job of finding qualified leads – making contact, finding out who to talk to, calling back, doing the spiel that leads to a sales encounter…

Who even has the time? We do. Lead generation is our specialty.

We work with clients to determine their most qualified target markets. Then we find them, make contact, pre-qualify and book the meetings where the magic happens.

Cold Calls

Everyone hates cold calling – except us. Our staff aren’t like the folks at your average call centre. They’re trained specialists in technology-based sales. They love the chase. They are at home on the phone. They will find and contact the decision makers. And they’ll work their magic to fill your pipeline with meetings and presentations to your top, pre-qualified prospects.

Pay-for-Success Connections

Grow your sales without growing your fixed costs. We begin the process with a small commitment fee but after that you are only invoiced when we’ve booked you an appointment and the prospects actually show up.

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The proof isn’t in the prototype. It’s in sales and the bottom line. Sales success is the #1 reason people come to us and stay with us. We have the resources, knowledge and experience it takes to sell technology-based products. And, we can show you and yours everything required to accelerate your sales – starting right now.

Sales Support

We will take charge of the non-technical part of the sales process and help you close more deals. When a demo/appointment is scheduled we will conduct it together, with you providing the technical expertise and Eureka guiding the meeting towards a close. We will follow up on all prospects until the deal is closed or lost, helping to convert more opportunities into dollars.

Sales Management

We can do more than assist you with the sales meetings. Eureka will implement and manage a sales strategy and process that will generate exciting results in a tough, tough market. It’s an experience-based process that simply cannot be bootstrapped into existence from scratch with in-house resources. However, it can become your in-house resource. We can help you hire, train, and manage a professional and effective sales team for your company – one that will help you maintain momentum as you grow.

Sales Training

Already have a great team? We can coach them to excel even further. We’ll work with your staff to enhance their sales skills through workshops, participation in product demos, and by providing resource materials.

Pay-for-Success Sales

More and more clients are asking us to be their sales force. We charge a straight commission on this service. No sales, no cost.

It works, because we have the technical resources and personnel to actually make the calls, follow-up the contacts, make the presentations and close the sales.

In the end it works like this:

  • We sell and make the deals
  • You run your business and cash the cheques.

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North American Channel Management

Sometimes you need to go big or you will go home – empty handed. Your product – no matter how good and innovative – is just a few web clicks away from a world of competition. A world-class sales channel can put you on a more competitive footing.

These channel operations are 100% professional sales machines – qualifying leads, making calls, doing demonstrations and presentations and selling around the world, wherever there’s a market. They’re usually industry-specific. We’ll find the right resellers for your product. We’ll evaluate them based on past performance, process and reliability. We know how to engage them, and once engaged, we’ll manage them on your behalf.

Channel management includes giving your resellers the tools they need to sell – the marketing support and the training that enables them to really know your product. They already know sales. Put them together and they add up to more sales in more markets than you could ever expect to achieve locally or organically. And because these channels have an international reputation – you’re not just some unknown, you’re pre-qualified, the next big thing.

We monitor their progress – finesse the materials and sales approach for different regions or market segments – consult with you and keep you up to date with contacts and reports. When the sales come in, you check the balances and cash the checks. It’s an extremely well-honed process – and – it’s off your plate.

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Other Services

It’s the exception to the rule. It exceptionally rare and – it’s exceptionally hard to do, but people have developed products and built businesses all on their own. Generally – it takes a village to raise a tech-start up. Your ability to plug into a network of trusted resources when you need them, as you need them — can smooth the road at every stage of your company’s development.

Business Strategy & Mentoring

A prudent strategy is to find someone who know the ropes and start a conversation. Talk to us. We have experience starting, running, and successfully exiting our own businesses across North America. We offer expert advice and guidance from start-up, to expansion and through to succession. Our experience can save you a lot of work (and stress) as you plan your growth strategy and execute it. It’s the difference between reinventing the wheel or – and rolling with it.

Financial Services

We are not accountants or bankers. However, we can help direct and introduce you to a network of reliable financial services that are fundamental to the success of any company – banking, tax, payroll, billing, accounts receivable and general accounting services. We think these are important in another way you won’t understand until you experience it: the less time you spend doing the books or worrying about finding the time to do them – the more time and focus you’ll have to develop your product and build your business. It really is a load off.

Corporate Finance

Selling B2B or to the public is one thing – selling yourself to the financial industry is quite another. We can help you determine the valuation of your company and tailor your pitch for the bankers, investors, government officials, suppliers, lines-of-credit, auditors and the like who will be assessing your company – and you – from a their own unique set of criteria. You’ll need guides who know the players, the rules and the language.

Executive Resourcing

Need a real live tech-industry CEO — for an hour? Need decision-making help on topics such as investments • mergers • project oversight • partnership disputes or labour…? Ask us about Executive Resourcing – providing you with top-of-the-line, hands-on, seasoned executives, as you need them: by the hour, on a schedule or on contract.

Work Space & Offices

Even a start up can afford a great working space. Give the impression of success by setting up shop in the Eureka Project Technology Park. We have 10,000 sq. ft. of modern, professional offices and meeting rooms. There’s a sales centre with mega bandwidth for virtual meetings and presentations.

Physical Space

Rent-flexible office space that you can use while scaling up your business or as a satellite office to work from. The space gives you professional address, internet, access to meeting rooms — and access to great mentoring just a few offices away. We also offer turnkey office space with communal support services.

Virtual Space

Get a professional address without an office and still have access to our meeting rooms. And, as a virtual member of our community, you can take advantage of mentoring that’s supportive and experienced.

We offer networking and educational events frequently throughout the year and our Corporate Sponsors offer special promotions on crucial services to Eureka clients.

Eureka Community

We can’t stress enough how important it is to feel like you are not alone. At Eureka – everyone here is tech-based, but we make sure that no two tenants are competing for the same market. We’re a neighbourhood with BBQ’s, learning events, and just by proximity, everybody networks. One person’s experience can be everyone’s gain. It’s an awesome bunch of smart, hardworking techies and you’re invited.

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A crappy product with great marketing has a better chance at success than a great product with crappy marketing. Your message is competing for attention and credibility with EVERY image and impression out there – not just competing products. So everything you do has to do everything possible to make it look like you belong.

Development and Deployment of Marketing Assets

You don’t have the budget to out shout the competition. But you can compete with anyone in terms of strategy, messaging, brand-impression and selling tools.

We will project-manage the creation and deployment of a cohesive, consistent, and effective marketing approach for your company – one that will support your sales efforts, establish your brand and your unique place in the market. We will project manage the development of any marketing asset, from name, logo, letterhead, business cards and brochures to websites to advertising campaigns. We can advise on overall strategies, campaigns and methods of execution on those plans to make them successful.


Maintaining your brand and sales support efforts is not a hobby or a learning opportunity – it’s your image and the keys to your bottom line. Don’t even think of doing this yourself or getting a family member to handle it.

Once you’ve got a cohesive set of branded assets, we will maintain them for you so that they are always professional, current and effective at generating leads. This can include:

  • Keeping your website fresh and current
  • Tracking visitor analytics on your website and providing feedback on how to optimize your website for better lead generation results
  • Driving qualified traffic to your site by managing and monitoring PPC campaigns
  • Ensuring SEO success through management of keyword campaigns

Optional add-ons:

  • Creation and distribution of press releases
  • Creation, distribution, & tracking of emails/e-newsletters/ongoing direct mail campaigns
  • Campaign planning, execution, & tracking for social media

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